Sewing: this is permanent weaving that involves first braiding and then adding a net which attaches to the your hair. This process can last several months and helps your hair grow.

Quick Weaving: this involvesglue weaving. It takes much less time than sewing and has a beautiful result. You cannot shampoo it, but it will look fantastic for up to two weeks.

Wig Shop: We carry all sizes, colors, and styles of wigs. Our wigs are extremely beneficial to people with Cancer or Alopecia. We also offer custom wigs to match your original look or give you something completely new and exciting.

Scalp Treatment: People who have problems with thinning or hair loss can have benefits from our scalp treatment. It cleans follicles, helps your scalp absorb nutritions, and can help with new hair growth.

Invisible Part: involves fully braiding your hair, but still shows your natural part.

Permanent Make up: “Beauty of Art” Once you have permanent eye brows or eye liners, you will be amazed by how much time it saves you. No more wasting time drawing them every in the morning and or removing make-up at night. Our facial specialist does the procedure in house with minimal pain or discomfort. All permanent make up takes only few days to heal.

Individual Eyelash Extensions: Looks natural. You can swim, shower and maintain your normal active lifestyle. Lashes will last up to 3 months.

Laser Mole Removal: Most moles can be removed without scaring and usually heals within a few days.

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