What Is Hair Fusion?

Hair Fusion is taking a group of your natural hair strands and a group of artificial hair strands, then fusing it together with an adhesive substance; resulting in making the hair fuller and longer.

Why Is Fusion Better?

Fusion is the longest lasting of the extension techniques. This method can last up to 3 months. No bulkiness, hair stress or discomfort. I truly believe that strand by strand is afar the best method. Fusion is the most natural looking, longest lasting & does not damage hair.

Will Extensions harm my hair?

Absolutely not! Extensions do not harm hair, bad hairdressers harm your hair! Make sure your extension artist has been doing extensions for a good while, uses quality name brand extension supplies, & is a licensed cosmetologist. In fact, many of my clients have grown out their natural hair so well while wearing extensions that they no longer need extensions because their own hair looks so good! The condition of your hair may even be improved due to less stress from the environment or styling. It will not damage your hair. It can be used on any type & any texture of hair. The thermal molding agent is harmless to skin & hair. The strand by strand does not require stress or pulling on the hair for attachment. Some extension loss is normal & to be expected after a month or two, but nothing major to affect the look of your extensions or condition of your hair. If you have hair fusion and have extreme shedding in the beginning, your hair extensions were not applied correctly.

Can I get hair fusion if my hair is thinning, balding, or a chemotherapy patient?

No, I do not suggest this method. Fusion is not stressful on normal healthy hair, but will/may stress hair that is already been weakened. I suggest a net weave (which is a sew-in with a net attached) or lace front wig (which is beautiful and natural with no braiding involved) for thinning, balding, or stressed out hair. How long does it take to install? It takes approximately 2 1/2 hours per pack of hair. I have perfected the method, so my rates are competitive/lower than others. I am simply, efficient and faster at it, which is why I am able to lower the cost, passing the savings on to you.

What kind of hair can get these extensions?

All types of hair can get these extensions. Ethnic, Caucasian & Asian hair can get Hair Fusion. These types of extensions are made for all types of hair. There is no ethnicity involved in these methods. Black, White, Latin, Indian, Asian, European, etc. The type of hair just does not matter. I match the extensions to blend in with your own. Anyone who told you your hair texture does not work with these is misinformed.

Can I color or relax my hair?

Yes, but I only recommend the perimeter where the extensions are not. If you wear a relaxer, I recommend getting a good relaxer before the fusion process for only an additional $50. However, when coming in for your perimeter relaxer and styling the cost is $65 with a basic style.

Will I be able to see the adhesive?

No,if it is applied correctly. The adhesive or bonding material used becomes almost transparent. This is the most undetectable extensions out on the market right now. Other systems make this claim also, but strand-by-strand is the only method that I know of where you can pull your hair into a pony tail & still be able to camouflage.

How do I maintain?

You have a choice on how to maintain your new look. You may come to me every week or two for a shampoo style ($50) or every 3 months to have them removed and reinstalled. Your extensions can be shampooed & conditioned (but not on the bonds), hot curled ($50) , roller set ($50), crimped ($65), spiral set ($65) or flat ironed ($50) as normal.

What fusion can do?

Can make it look like your hair grew out in a few hours. Can lengthen your own hair. Can add up to 100% thickness to your own hair. Can add highlights to your own hair.

What to expect afterwards?

It is normal to feel like you are not wearing extensions. It's normal to receive many compliments!

How is it removed?

It is highly recommended to get your hair fusion specialist or a trained professional to remove your hair fusion. It is a technique to removing the hair fusion, which cannot be done by an unskilled professional without the proper training. In other words, it cannot be removed by you or a friend, so please, if considering the hair fusion please add the removal process in your budget! The time it takes to put it in, is the same time it takes to remove it out. The cost for removal is $100. This price includes: removing bonds, shampoo, condition, and blow dry only. Style additional. Better Than Great Lengths Shear Essence Fusion method is better for many reasons. More cost effective (less than $1,500), removes easier, not acrylic based. Our fusion method last up to 3 months, but in the long run is better on your hair.
Why have artificial hair hanging on to your hair for 6 months and chance breakage, the extra weight cause breakage after that length of time. Let's face it. After 3 months it's time for a new do anyway. Remove and reinstall.

Myths about fusion?

I do not burn the hair. I do not have to cut your hair to remove fusion. I do not knot the hair. Fusion does not harm your hair if properly installed & taken care of. Your hair is not harmed in any way in a fusion extension process as long as you take care of your extensions, and a licensed, experienced, Extension Specialist uses only quality products & has proper training.

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